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This is to announce that "Cambridge International Academics" does not have established any branch or regional office in Turkey. Some emails and notifications have been received from Turkish authors, conferences organizers and scholars regarding illegal activities there to claiming such positions as "Regional Coordinator" or "Country Marketing Manager". Researchers and authors in Turkey must avoid doing payments to predatory representatives there. Our legal department is currently working on illegal profiles to pursuing their activities.

New service announcement: Optional Processing Charges is making more flexibility for global research disseminating through Open Access publications with selective processing/publishing charges by authors and contributing editors. Enjoy this facility since this January till the next year and publish your research editions with your optional charges! 

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  • "Cambridge International Academics" has started official collaboration with "Glasstree Academic Publications" for launching numerous qualified editions of monographs, book series and conferences proceedings. 
  • "Cambridge International Academics" announces collaborating opportunities with global reputed societies and scientific groups for releasing their exclusive publications through publishing partnership program
  • Distinguished scholars joining to Cambridge International Academics as the members of "Fellow Board".
  • International Conferences by Cambridge International Academics have been programmed for upcoming months of 2017 and 2018.
  • Cambridge International Academics is welcoming partnership opportunities with Universities, Societies and Research Divisions to collaborating on dedicated projects. 

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