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Journal of Nuclear Technology in Applied Science (JNTAS) has been setup to publish by Cambridge International Academics Open Access platform. 

"JNTAS" is associated with The "Egyptian Society of Radiation Science and Applications" (ESRSA). More information is available in journal website.

Given the importance of strategic partnership opportunities and expanding networks of global activities and supports by "Cambridge International Academics", It's our pleasure to announce the new partnership with "Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition" (GODAN) to supporting and supposing data dissemination projects for global and regional networks of Agricultural Sciences. 

GODAN now has 690 partners with a strong presence in the open data community and in the agriculture and development sectors. (Refer to Partnership Page)

We are pleased to announce that "ProceedingX", a prototype model for conferences proceedings metrics evaluation has been initiated. The platform will provide compact solutions for measuring and comparing the visual metrics for conferences proceedings as its exclusive analytical provider. If you are interested in receiving more information in regard to getting involved with this project, feel free to send us your inquiries, while our technical division will be more than happy to hearing from you and sharing the project prototype model.

The current initiated model of "ProceedingX" has been proposed here for your information.

New partnership agreement between "Cambridge International Academics" and "Methodologica Governance University", France has been conducted to supporting professional research, training and publication services for global range of audiences and stakeholders on disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities and Methodologies.

"Cambridge International Academics" and "International  Federation of Global & Green ICT" (IFGICT) has signed a partnership agreement to building dedicated capacities of collaborating in interdisciplinary themes of professional training, publications and research conducted modules.  

New partnership agreement has been assigned with SPA "Physics-Sun" Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan to conducting joint research and publication disseminating activities for wide ranges of stakeholders in the region.

SPA "Physics-Sun" Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan is a leading organization for conducting basic and applied research in the field of solar energy. 


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