Officially Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 10799695

"Applied Sociology and Anthropology Letters" (ASAL-Editions) is a new division to providing publications on applied themes of Social and Anthropological Studies through a quarterly publishing frame. The main aim of launching this title is creating a link between gaps on theoretical and applied issues of social sciences, anthropology and humanities. 

All types of Research, Reviews, Short Communications and Case Studies Reports are accepted for evaluating and reviewing in "ASAL Editions".

Extended editions of presented abstracts/full papers during reputed conferences have also the chances for evaluating and publishing through Special/Supplementary Issues. 

Scopes and Themes: All of applied themes of major disciplines on Social Sciences and Anthropology Studies could be assigned for submitting to "ASAL-Editions". Some important topics and themes are: 

Social life and Humanities, Behavioral Studies, Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Educations and Development, Sustainability and Development, Contemporary Arts and Culture on Socializing, Globalization and World Development, Conceptual Studies on Social Science and Psychology and Social Health.