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2017 International Conference on Simulation, Modeling and Optimization in Engineering Science and Technology (SMOEST 2017) points to connecting empirical and applied schemes of simulation and modeling in technology and engineering, as a progressive research theme by distinguished scientists, engineers and technical managers. As a dedicated and joint event by "Scientific Research Group in Egypt" and "MESR Project", SMOEST 2017 will be hosted and organized in Dubai, UAE on 18,19 November. Diverse groups of scholars and engineers are welcome to attend in this global forum and present their research papers and industrial case reports to enhancing target values of the event. 

Conference Themes and Scopes: 

Papers and Industrial reports should be submitted using the "Online Submission System", according to the conference proposed template. The main themes and considered topics following by "SMOEST 2017" are including: Simulations and Modeling on Fundamental Engineering Systems, Qualitative and Numerical Models, Agent-based modeling, Optimized systems and modeling technologies, Neuro-modeling and fuzzy systems, Methods and Tools for Engineering Simulations. Other related topics will be also considered and acceptable for evaluating and presenting during the conference.