Officially Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 10799695

It's announce of starting partnership for joint Science, Technology and Medical (STM) publications between global societies, research firms and institutions and Cambridge International Academics. Fully supported services with joint venture opportunities have been provided to devoting mutual business and branding reputation: Agreeing, Publishing and Improving.




Societies have their own rights to planning the publication types, frequencies, formats and strategies. Our publishing experts will provide the best services according to desired standard points to releasing qualified, highly visible and branded titles for scientific societies without borders of scope, theme and policy. 

Publishing solutions, platforms provisions and initial structures planning will be our main obligations. Full supports will be also provided in all stages of projects initiating, planning, delivering and launching. 

Although we are a young and early career publishing division, But recent engagements and collaborations with highly reputed organizations, partners and academic societies are enhancing our capabilities using the networks in bound. You are greatly welcome to join our communicated societies list to maturing your desired objectives bilaterally.