Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

Cambridge International Academics (Registration Number: 11354986), a private R&D division founded and registered in the United Kingdom and Wales aims to support academic and research professional services in interdisciplinary sections and themes of Applied, Technical, Medical and Social Sciences. The organization's particular purpose is providing consultancy and performing tailored projects to enhance the visibility of research themes beyond global approaches and coverage. All types of activities and supportive projections on professional research and development sectors are handling and managing through target-oriented services platforms in broad and specific divisions. As a key point of strategy to extend the global networks of collaborators, Cambridge International Academics looks forward to investigate the interactive challenges and hearing from potential partners from individuals to organizations, in terms of planning for dedicated and bilateral projects. Additionally, Cambridge International Academics welcomes new proposals of contributing and joint-venture services planning with outstanding research organizations, societies and scientific communities to disseminating points of activities and interests in research and development sectors.

Core Values and Key Objectives

We'd like to present and promote everything in STM market!

Publishing in Partnership (PiP Model)

This model is presented as the most emerging road map aims to provide dedicated benefits for scholars, publishers and service providers in the world of STM publishing market. Our network of academic and professional experts and partners allows us to present the most comprehensive solutions for broad range of stakeholders in a linked service provision ecosystem. Without any border, proposals to join the network are passionate for us to be investigated.

Research Acceleration 

We are all thinking about Research! This allows us to present the most integrated solutions in accelerating, founding and promoting the research scales in multidisciplinary segments and sections of higher education, professional training and emerging services. Through a specified division, Research & Development are the key values to present our missions and objectives. 

Scholarly Dissemination

To provide access to the recent findings and ideas aim to provide dissemination for research works, We follow an integrated pathway to establish, promote, launch and support the most desired research solutions for scholars and communities. Thoughts to provide these services and solutions make alignments to conduct and develop the research modular activities in scholarly environments.

Training Implementation

Providing the essentials of professional or vocational training is a creditable element to strength the development targets. From setup of instructions to present the qualified and endorsed materials could be managed and sorted by our training experts and consultants.