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Cambridge International Academics initiates and proposes a process of monographs publishing platform using Open Access framework. "Cambridge Open Monographs" platform aims to supply demands of the publishing opportunities for monographs in thematic multidisciplinary topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine.

"Cambridge Open Monographs" service pack provides a fast, affordable and ease of use publishing service in Open Access frames for early career and professional researchers, scholars and authors who would like to present their research findings in eBook formats. Without limitations of scientific themes and subjects, our Open Access publishing features aim to cover diverse ranges of science and technology pure and applied themes. 

Working Procedure

Publishing in Partnership (PiP) is an affordable model of monographs publishing in partnership with renowned and reputable publishers. Due to importance of partnership as a key value of strategy followed by Cambridge International Academics, Our publishing division is always looking for and chasing the proposals of scholarly publishing in partnership with well-known publishers through its desired standards and terms. There are various types of publishing by Open Access, Subscription-based, Printing on Demand or Self-Publishing in our proposed partnership models and authors have their own rights to choose and select the most appropriate case. We would be interested in receiving proposals for PiP model and you can fill up the form in this page to start your project soon.