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Cambridge International Academics initiates the process of launching exclusive monographs publication platform through Open Access editions. "Cambridge Open Monographs" platform explores the publishing opportunities for monographs in thematic multidisciplinary topics of Science, Technology and Medicine. "Cambridge Open Monographs" aims to providing a fast, accurate and ease of use publishing service in Open Access frames for early career and professional researchers, scholars and authors who would like to present their research findings in book formats. Without restricts of scientific themes and subjects, "Cambridge Open Monographs" cover diverse ranges of science and technology pure and applied themes. If you would like to use our competitive services, Just fill up the inquiry form on this page and our publishing directors will get back to you soon to working on your proposal step by step.

Working Procedure

Cambridge International Academics uses "Open Monograph Press" platform to standardizing the process of monographs publication and using the availability of its contents hosting, reading, disseminating and analyzing tools.