Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

Open Position: In-House Scholarly Services Sale Affiliate Administrator (Remote-based)

Pay Rate: 25% of commissioned sale profiles (net payment), No fixed salary

Working Hours: Flexible

Payment Schedule: Monthly

Role and Responsibilities:

Sale Affiliate Administrators are responsible to present and promote current and upcoming scholarly services of Cambridge International Academics in local and overseas markets. The position does not need to attend in a physical office and administrators could be able to process it remotely as an in-house position. Sale Affiliate Administrators shall be committed to:

  • Provide weekly reports to the technical and productions division managers
  • Run campaigns and social media blasts and present essential information to local or overseas markets
  • Provide connections with potential customers and service users 

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor's or Higher Education Certificates 

Strong background on scholarly selling services

High motivation to work in remote-based positions

Flexible times during the days to progress the duties and agendas

Proficiency in using MS. Word, Excel and Powerpoint

To Apply for this position:

Please send a brief CV and a cover letter to

Cambridge International Academics is proud to be an Equal Vacancy Opportunity employer. We value and respect to the diversity in our workforce.

Open Position: Local Affiliate Commissioners, Publishing Services for Open Access Conference Proceedings and STM Books (Monographs and Series)
Pay Rate: 150 £ per commissioned edition 
Working Hours: Maximum 15 hours per week (2-3 days) 
Payment Schedule: Monthly

Role and Responsibilities:
Cambridge International Academics seeks local affiliate commissioners in scholarly publishing division (remote-based, in-house) to find, negotiate and confirm the publishing proposals for open access and serial periodicals of conference proceedings, book series and monographs. Local Affiliate Commissioner shall be committed to follow these tasks as desired:

  • He/She must do reports to the manager of publishing department or an executive team member to handle any materials required for communications and agreements.
  • Online communications with partners and business stakeholders
  • Run Social Media campaigns and blasts to make reports of confirmed projects procedures with partners and business stakeholders per case
  • Program support for both local and international projects delivering and assigning

Required Qualifications: 
• Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree preferred.
• Demonstrated high-quality English writing, editing, and proofreading skills
• Work experiences in scientific and research-based communities and associations

Desired Experiences
• Strong background or interest in pursuing a part-time career in scientific-based communities
• Strong personal and presentation skills
• Have available times for occasional domestic/foreign traveling. (Note: All of the expanses for the assigned travels will be paid by Company)
• Skills in conducting basic research on the Internet
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
• Satisfied levels of writing reports, analyzing and summarizing data from diverse sources, interviews, meetings, surveys and focus groups, and ability to deliver work on a timeline
• Comfort and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and related software

To Apply:

Please send a brief CV and a cover letter to

Cambridge International Academics is proud to be an Equal Vacancy Opportunity employer.

We value and respect to the diversity in our workforce.