Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

"Digital E-Book Identification Sort Code" (DEBISC) as a new indicator aims to lookup the sources of e-Books publishing records and allocate their authenticated routes exclusively. This tool tends to help the publishers to keep their original published contents, editions and volumes in a lookup database of e-Books information as well as redirecting the sort codes to the publications specified pages.

How "DEBISC" supports Open Access?

DEBISC is a right path to lookup the Open Access books as well as setting a pattern to optimizing and uniforming their citations records. By using the sort codes of hosted Open Access books, publishers should not be worried about their original contents missing or wrong allocating in Open Access platforms. 

How does DEBISC work and assign the codes?

DEBISC sort code includes a ring of 13-digit string which shows four main categories of the assigned code. 

A) Country: The first three digits show the country code and refer the country of eBook publication.

B) Classification: This part entails six coming digits refer to the subjective classification of eBook according to the theme and structure of the written eBook. 

C) License: 10th to 12th digits refer to the license status of the sorted work according to eBDAL classification. Authors, publishers and libraries can set this code for their published eBooks based on the nature of released works. 

D) Check Digit: The last digit refers to check digit to ensure the string is correct in mod 13 and is recoverable by lookup the code to the main source of released eBook.

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