Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

"Digital Objective Identifier" (DOI) is an alphanumerical assignment to published contents in electronic versions. DOI assignment process is managing by registered and recognized authorities by setting a prefix and a code which would be specified per published title. "Crossref" is a reputed DOI registration authority and we are proud to announce our collaboration as "Sponsoring Organization" which makes availability of proposing this service by Crossref supports exclusively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I use this service?

A1: The process of registration to use DOI by Crossref is very simple. If you are a publisher or represent a publishing service provider, You need to contact with Cambridge International Academics Publishing Division to make an inquiry.

2) Should I pay to use this service?

A2: Yes, DOI is not a free of charge service. For more information about the service charges and rates, Please contact us. One of the consulting board members will get in touch soon to make a response to your inquiry. 

3) Is it a long-term supported service?

A3: Absolutely! This service is not presenting as a short-term supportive case and you may enjoy our long-term service supports.

4) What are the main benefits of using DOI?

A4: The main benefit of using DOI is ensuring to save your links of published materials as well as following an unified citation style to your publications without conflicts of sources. Using DOI also helps your publications to being cited and abstracted in major indexing sources easily with available options of following and disseminating.

5) Where can I add the assigned DOI?

A5: As soon as assigning DOI to your publications, You can refer to this number in the first page of the publications with its lookup resolving hyperlink.