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Key features of publishing with us

Providing a simple, but interactive solution for your eBook proposals

Multidisciplinary Themes & Topics

Cambridge International Academics aims to publish monographs and book editions in multidisciplinary themes and topics of science, technology, medical and health and social sciences to cover wide range of interests. 

Fast and Affordable Process

Our quick process and affordable cycle management allow to evaluate the proposals in a duration of 1-2 weeks and publish the accepted proposals in 4-6 weeks. By using this workflow management process, authors and contributors would be expected to publish their works in 5-8 weeks. 

Cumulative Editorial Services

Our strategy follows a peer-to-peer and cumulative editorial and copy-editing services for accepted proposals. Upon accepting a proposal, a centralized editing and reformatting process would be initiated to ensure the quality of styling and writing tips. Some major recommendations for authors would be available per accepted proposal to check the contents directly before going into publishing and indexing stages. In addition, some emerging services proposed and managed by Cambridge International Academics are available for eBooks. 

Indexing and Coverage

Published and released eBook editions by Cambridge International Academics will be submitted for indexing and coverage in highly visible citations indexes and databases such as Books Citations Index (Web of Science) by Clarivate Analytics, Scopus by Elsevier and RefBooks Index by Cambridge International Academics.  

Global Visibility and Distribution

eBook editions are available to distribute and promote by worldwide distributors and promotion channel suppliers. Our current distribution channels are ready to promote the titles and eBook editions in local markets of US, Europe, China, MENA and India

Evaluation Process

Submitted proposals will be reviewed by internal experts and editors to make an initial decision of processing. The main considerable points to accept a proposal are:

  • Novelty of topics and themes
  • Contents transparency and originality
  • Readership targets
  • Market competence