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Cambridge International Academics initiates the process of launching exclusive monographs publication platform through Open Access editions. "Cambridge Open Monographs" platform provides the publishing opportunities for monographs in thematic multidisciplinary topics of Science, Technology and Medicine and it aims to provide a fast, accurate and ease of use publishing service in Open Access frames for early career and professional researchers, scholars and authors who would like to present their research findings in book formats. Without restricts of scientific themes and subjects, "Cambridge Open Monographs" covers diverse and broad ranges of science and technology pure and applied themes. 

Benefits and Services:
  • Internal Editing, Reformatting and contents polishing: Our internal publishing editors will handle the process of contents formatting and editing before going into publishing process. The service will not include extra charges.
  • Optional Processing Charges: "Cambridge Open Monographs" is an Open Access publishing platform with projects processing charges. There is no restrict for authors to pay exact amounts of processing charge and authors will select their charges according to their budgets.
  • Publishing in 3-4 weeks since receiving the materials and contents: The whole process of evaluating and publishing the monographs will not take long more than four weeks since receiving the proposal and completed materials.
  • Contents standardization, classification and categorization: Volumes subjects classify in BIC codes and will be identified using DOI and DEBISC string codes.
  • Indexing, archiving and recording services in major databases: All of released monographs would be supported to being possibly included and indexed in academic databases include Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics, Scopus by Elsevier and Directory of Open Access Books. There is no certain warrant to index the monographs, while the process depends on many qualitative criteria those are tracking by the publishing division of “Cambridge Open Monographs” as a point of obligations and supports.
  • Copyrights by Creative Commons License: Copyright of the volumes published in "Cambridge Open Monographs" is assigned to the Creative Commons License, (attribution, non-commercial); ( ).