Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

"GrantBase" is an emerging production represents by Cambridge International Academics to store, disseminate and activate the information of global higher education grants, scholarships and funds. 

Why use "GrantBase"?

  • Access to the source of emerging grants information
  • Availability to sharing the information with your friends and colleagues
  • Staying in touch with grants and funds suppliers, organizations and academic institutions
  • Following a professional network of scholars and organizations

How to use "GrantBase"?

  • Make an annual subscription
  • Use the levels of access to the daily added information and updates
  • Direct communications with grants and funds suppliers
  • Post-operative surveys and follow-up process

What are including in "GrantBase"?

  • Grants, funds and scholarship supporter organizations profiles
  • Description of the grants, funds and scholarships per subjective category
  • Ability to receive the latest updates and announces
  • Application procedures and guidelines

Who should use "GrantBase"?

  • Early career scholars and researchers looking for global grants, funds and scholarships
  • New Ph.D graduates and Post-Doc candidates
  • Organizations, Academicians and Institutes with offers of scholarships, grants and funds

"GrantXplore" aims to work as a lookup source for the indexed and covered grants, scholarships and funds in "GrantBase". Information of "GrantXplore" include both of active and ceased opportunities as the major records provider of "GrantBase".