Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

"IndexEval"  aims to provide assessment facilities for journals publishers to evaluate their indexing preparations in major scientific and scholarly citations databases. This project provides evaluation and self-assessment process in six major categories: General Information, Authorship, Editorship, Publishing, Policies and Ethics and publishers can monitor and assess their readiness before going to apply for indexing in scholarly citations databases. Use of "IndexEval" and its assessment system is free of charge and publishers shall not be paid to use the facilities and access to the surveys. 

How it works?

"IndexEval" shows a road map to monitor and check the status of scholarly journals publishing frameworks and publishers will learn about gaps and defects in six stages. Journals administrators and publishing managers have to check and assess a survey to find the strengths and weaknesses of journals before going into indexing application or submitting a title for coverage in scholarly indexing databases.