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Registration Number: 11354986

Conference Proceedings should be promoted rather than book editions and due to importance of their classifications, recording and disseminating; International Standard Proceedings Number (ISPN) has been announced as a digit sequence of records. 

International Standard Proceedings Number (ISPN) aims to record, track and classify the proceedings editions using a modularized structure of 13 digits specified sequence per proceeding edition. ISPN digital sequence have 12 standard digit rings ends by the final digit as the check digit. Check digit calculates automatically to assign to the proceedings edition as their unique sequence number with a prefix of assignment (Three primary digits) which locate the country of proceeding publishing.  

Example: Proceeding of International Conference on XXXX:

International Standard Proceedings Number format: 


901: Country Code

1: Proceeding edition (Online: 1 , Printed: 0)

38797764: Production Code

0: Check Digit