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Registration Number: 11354986

Conference Proceedings should be promoted rather than book editions and due to importance of their classifications, recording and disseminating; International Standard Proceedings Number (ISPN) has been announced as a digit sequence of records. 

International Standard Proceedings Number (ISPN) aims to record, track and classify the proceedings editions using a modularized structure of 13 digits specified sequence per proceeding edition. ISPN digital sequence has 12 standard digit rings ends by a final digit as the check digit. Check digit is calculating automatically to be assigned to the proceedings edition as the unique sequence number with a prefix of assignment (Three primary digits) which locates the country of proceeding publishing.  

Sample Case: Proceeding of International Conference on XXXX:

International Standard Proceedings Number format: 


901: Country Code

1: Proceeding edition (Online: 1 , Printed: 0)

38797764: Production Code

0: Check Digit