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The first edition of Journals Subjective Classification (JSC) codes has been released to help the publishers and scholars on disseminating the scientific works and specializing the published papers in STM journals. By using JSC and assigning it to the published papers, their tracking and recording could be facilitated and integrated. JSC codes have been proposed in 9 general categories and more than 120 subcategories include pervasive look into the science classification and subjects. 

How publishers can use its benefits?

Journals Subjective Classification (JSC) code aims to categorize and classify the published papers by authentic STM publishers. Journals should have International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) to obtain JSC codes. Predatory and questionable publishers and journals do not have chance to obtain JSC and only authentic journals can use the benefits of coverage classification through JSC. Using JSC will enable readers and authors to find their interest-matching papers and scholarly works easily and this will help the publishers to their dissemination targets achievement.

Agriculture, Biology and Biotechnology

Applied and Basic Sciences 

Business and Management Sciences

Computing and Information Technology

Economics and Finance

Engineering (General)

Medical and Healthcare Sciences

Social Sciences (General)

Interdisciplinary Sciences (General)

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