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"Litera" presents an interactive solution to help the researchers and authors to suggest, use and disseminate their research references. Either you are working as a researcher or a scientific reader, Litera aims to provide the most related research literature and references to your research interests. Among of thousands published papers and research works, Litera helps you to suggest and promote your research reference libraries.

Litera Features

How does it work for researchers, publishers and readers?

Litera for Authors and Researchers

Researchers and authors are the most target groups of Litera users. To update and promote research references and literature, Litera has a solution to feed researchers and authors during their research works. By searching keywords and phrases of research aims and scope, A set of related research references will be presented by Litera to strength the research backgrounds and literature weaknesses.

Litera for Publishers

Boosting the citation of published works is a key challenge for publishers. Litera can play an intermediate role to promote published works by scholarly publishers in scientific communities and target groups of science authors, readers and followers. If you are looking for a platform to represent your published works and papers and disseminate them in global communities of scholars, Litera could be a right solution!

Litera for Readers

According to readers research interests to read the latest published and cited academic and scholarly papers and research works, They can use Litera as a supportive tool to optimize, update and globalize their research readings. Using Litera aims to align research readings and findings for readers group.