Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

We propose "Lead to Master by Research" (LMR) as a new model of professional training for graduates who are willing to continue their academic qualifications in Master and Doctorate levels. This model entails research-based modules to develop, enhance and optimize the research capabilities of graduates to mature their research skills for successful entrance to Master and Doctorate programs. Obviously, initiating and developing the research-based skills in early graduates will empower them for presenting the most successful proposals and research projects in their next studies and academic involvements. 

Lead to Master by Research program is designed by research methodologists, experts and qualified trainers who will supervise the researchers' profiles and assist them to initiate, develop and mature a research proposal during a 3-month compact program. Upon completing the course, qualified researchers will be awarded by a formal certificate of completion and a letter of endorsement by research supervisors. The whole process is doing via Online modules and learners do not need to attend in physical classrooms. So, this could be performed remotely.