Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

"Presentia" aims to represent an open access ecosystem for presented lectures, sessions, plenary speeches and regular presentations in scholarly events, conferences and meetings. Harvested and indexed materials in Presentia entail both live and on-site presentations in multidisciplinary themes and topics of Science, Technology, Arts and Medicine. Presentia assigns a unified "Presentation Index Number" (PIN) to sorted and indexed presentations to lookup the source of presentations without claiming copyrights for indexed and harvested contents. 

Important Notes and Hints

Presentia is following some major hints and points to index and harvest the events and meetings presentations as:
  • Predatory or questionable event organizers will not be included in the core database.
  • Presentations in academic and institutional events are in priorities of indexing in Presentia.
  • Both online and onsite presentations would be considered for indexing in Presentia.
  • Presentia does not claim copyrights for indexed and sorted presentations.