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"PubConnex" (Coming soon, October 2018) aims to making target-oriented forums of publishing, sharing, reviewing and post-reviewing the scholarly works in a repository by creating, sharing and promoting of scientific forums and groups. Scholars can use the opportunities of disseminating their scientific publications before submitting them to publishers by enclosing the records of reading, citing, hinting, reviewing and commenting to their works. "PubConnex" follows Green Open Access initiates to share and disseminate the scholarly works.

Recommended Solution for Early Career Researchers

Want to get ready for publishing your papers in scholarly publishers?

"PubConnex" follows the purpose of help the early career researchers by hosting an ease of use and suit platform for their prior publishing needs. While scholars are thinking about their publishing demands, "PubConnex" makes an agile and practical tool to evaluating the papers impacts, readness and cites indicators. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should authors sign a copyright or consent form?

No. "PubConnex" is a repository, not a publisher and therefore, participants and authors do not need to sign the copyright forms when they submit papers in forums.

May authors add or remove files to their archived papers?

Yes, Anytime. 

How authors can follow their papers reports?

Reports about the papers as well as the comments of post-reviews are available in the exclusive pages of archived contents.

How authors can join to the scientific forums?

It could be selected during their registration profiles completion according to research interests.