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Are you wondering a new approach to disseminate and promote your scholarly work? "PubPOD" is  your right solution! It aims to help scholars and researchers to present a supplementary extension to their research works by embedding a 90-seconds audio file narration.  

How Does It Work?

"PubPOD" is initiating a startup venture for scholarly works to disseminate and promote them using an Open Access publishing model. Researchers have a great option to present a short narration on their research works includes research objectives, methodologies and findings. This will help readers to receive more updated brief information of scientific works. 

"PubPOD" (beta edition is on progress) considers recording and harvesting audio format in .MP3 to be available of use in common operating systems. Scholars or scientific narrators can upload their audio podcasts directly into the system and once the submission is confirmed, A code and a sorting link will be assessed to the uploaded narration. Narrations should be supplied with a scientific work (published/unpublished) to present the research elements properly. Submitted narrations will just review for technical configurations and authors/narrators are responsible for their mentioned speeches. Currently, PubPOD is only available in English. Here is the progress of scholarly narrations in "PubPOD":