Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

Professional and Vocational Training Information Citations Index (PVT-ICI) is an appropriate and right solution to promote, index and disseminate the qualified training materials and reference works used in professional and vocational training modules globally. 

PVT-ICI aims to provide continuous access to a broad range of training courses, instructions, materials and information of professional training in interdisciplinary coverage. Course instructors, faculty members and dean of institutions, individual trainer, certified training bodies and professional, vocational training providers can join this framework and use its capabilities to find, sort and disseminate their training needs. 

Disciplines of Coverage

Users and subscribers have direct access to +13 disciplines, +5,000 course instruction queries from +1,500 global training providers. Topics of coverage include, But not limited to:

Arts & Design

Business & Management

Computing & Information Technology

Education (Adults)

Energy & Environment 

Healthcare & Medicine

Law & Legal Affairs

Media & Broadcasting 

Public Administration

Properties & Real Estate

Social Studies


Tourism & Hospitality