Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

Professional and Vocational Training Information Citations Index (PVT-ICI) is a practical, useful and categorized solution to promote, index and disseminate the qualified and accredited training materials and reference works used in professional and vocational training modules. 

PVT-ICI aims to provide continuous access to a broad range of training courses, instructions, materials and information of professional training in interdisciplinary coverage. Course instructors, faculty members and dean of institutions, individual trainer, certified training bodies and professional & vocational training providers can join this framework and use its capabilities to find, sort and disseminate their training needs. 

Disciplines of Coverage

Users and subscribers will have direct access to +13 disciplines, +5,000 course instruction queries from +1,500 global training providers. Disciplines of coverage include, but not limited to:

Arts & Design

Business & Management

Computing & Information Technology

Education (Adults)

Energy & Environment 

Healthcare & Medicine

Law & Legal Affairs

Media & Broadcasting 

Public Administration

Properties & Real Estate

Social Studies


Tourism & Hospitality