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"RevViews" is a practical ecosystem to assign, score and certify the review reports made through peer review process in scholarly journals. Reviewers can easily submit, assess and record their reviews according to indicators passed through a peer review process and track the review records by comparing their self-assessment reports with other assigned review reports. Journals are ranked in an integrated and assessed database and certificates would be assigned to the scholarly journals based on the review reports and their rankings. Reviewers would be able to receive a certificate of review report assessment upon submitting a record. 

Indicators To Submit A Review Report Assessment

1) Reviewers have a direct access to the submitted papers. (10%)

2) Reviewers have a feasible connection with editors and editor in chief. (10%)

3) Reviewers have their own rights to accept or decline a review according to their research interests. (10%)

4) Reviewers have a full access to the submitted contents, materials and supplements. (10%)

5) Reviewers have a full and easy access to the review system to appoint and add their review reports. (10%)

6) Reviewers receive an invitation announcement from managing editor or editor in chief to assign a review. (10%)

7) Reviewers can see their review records and assigned scores to their reviews during the process. (10%)

8) Authors have access to make direct connections with reviewers to elaborate more on their submissions' reviews. (10%)

9) There is no option or chance to revise or remove a review report without reviewers consents. (10%)

10) Reviewers' names and affiliations could be found in journal's website and other flyers. (10%)