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"Repository of Open Access Dissertations" (ROAD) is a project case to archive, disseminate and index the theses and dissertations in subjective categories of Applied, Social, Engineering, Medical and Life Sciences through Open Access modular platform. "ROAD" aims not only to create a simple workflow for the dissertations archiving, But also to provide free of access, use and share them to make bridges between pure academic dissertations results and practical usages. In addition, abilities to ingest metadata tags and data analysis will make the dissertations more visible, compatible and remarkable.

How "ROAD" makes impact?

"ROAD" strongly follows the paths to make compatible, ease of access and dynamic plans to record, archive and disseminate the research works in thesis and dissertation formats. Universities, Libraries and Individual Authors have the level of access to submit the theses and dissertations to evaluate, confirm and archive in the repository open access platform. "ROAD" is also available to represent direct archiving and recording for the submitted theses and dissertations from partner universities and libraries in sub-branding repositories. Furthermore, "ROAD" makes more discoverability and dissemination for the recorded and archived dissertations by hinting "DOI" form Crossref.

Data harvesting for the recorded and archived dissertations helps more visibility and discoverability as well as representing the data records in supplementary meta-tags. The collected data sources present in visualized themes to proving the results and findings of archived documents. Submission process for the harvested data sources of dissertations arranges by authors, universities or librarians independently and "ROAD" will not add, revise or delete a data source without consent of dissertations copyright holders.

"ROAD" strictly follows copyright terms to ensure the authenticity and originality of published, hosted and archived works. There is no copyright claimed by Cambridge International Academics and all of the rights would be saved for the dissertations' authors and their academic affiliations. To suggest a classified copyright term for the archived dissertations, "eBDAL" licenses would be assigned to the archived theses and dissertations, in the cases of recorded as book editions.

Dissertations Collection Citations Database

Although "ROAD" is providing a platform to record and archive the theses and dissertations, 10-15% of qualified, well-written and highly cited dissertations will be collected as the main source feed records of "Dissertations Collection Citations Database" (DCCD) which aims to index and represent the highly qualified and practical dissertations in various categories available to use as a subscribe-based platform. The quality check of "DCCD" includes terms of writing styles of the theses and dissertations, applicable topics, visibility inclusions and recommendation notes. The selection process of dissertations inclusion in DCCD is an external procedure by advisory board members and distinguished scholars in the related fields of research and "ROAD" does not have rights to select or recommend the dissertations for indexing in "DCCD".

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