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Scholarly & Research Mapping (Abbreviated as S&R Mapping) is a new methodological and visualized initiate of projects series aims to optimize the impacts of regional research dissemination using local and regional records of qualitative and quantitative aspects of research in Higher Education authorities. "S&R Mapping" does not only present a source of regional data set for the regional usages, But also provides comparable solution to measure and track the research outputs and impacts by regions in global visions of higher education using analytical drags.


Higher Education Research Integration Sustainability "HERIS" as a part of "METHODICAM" project uses six major categories of indicators to measure the impact of research integrity in higher education achieves. These categories are classifying in a structurized work map to indicate the ranking and position of institutes, universities and higher education authorities.

To weighting the indicators, HERIS follows an equal importance vision to sustaining and cumulating the research-based ranking:

All plug-ins in a package

  • Strategy Development: Cambridge International Academics engages with potential partners in supporting the formulation of higher education and institutional visions and strategies as well as determining the strategic directions and priorities, developing policy frameworks and facilitating strategic research and innovation planning development and performance evaluations.

  • Research Development and Governance: The joint programs aim to work closely with academies, institutions, research centers, innovation agencies and universities’ research divisions in establishing relevant strategies for the provision of research development opportunities and offer a vibrant portfolio of research development programs designed for research directors, department heads and deans to vice presidents, rectors and presidents.

  •       Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Organizational Excellence: Cambridge International Academics aims to work with its potential partners to initiating and sustaining a strong platform for measuring the quality and excellence of Research and Innovation and promote the continuous improvement to ensure the Research and Development bodies maintain the high quality standards at all levels.

  •       Open Access Publishing and Research Disseminating: Cambridge International Academics promotes the ongoing development and enhancement of scholarly publishing in Open Access formats through helping institutions in disseminating their research outputs globally. There will be several categories of supported publishing resources as journals, books, conferences proceedings, seminar reports and data repositories. In all stages of prior, current and post publishing projects; Cambridge International Academics supports the conducted projects from our publishing partners to supplying their required demands.

  •       Research, Innovation and Development in Emerging Communities: Cambridge International Academics and partners have obliged and aimed to work on developing innovative internal research capabilities via working in partnership with various stakeholders in setting-up research strategies. This includes conducting research maturity assessments, undertaking needs analysis, advising on research strategic directions, offering various training opportunities on Research, Innovations and Development, and supporting the establishment of regional and international collaborations with interdisciplinary-oriented organizations.