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Registration Number: 11354986

"Scholarly Publications Engagement Score Index" (SPESI) aims to help the scholars and science authors by rating and measuring their scientific publications dissemination rates. SPESI is an integrated scoring model to scholarly publications by considering four main indicators rely on publications disseminate and track as: Downloading, Citing, Sharing and Recommending. This scoring index shows the dissemination rate of scholarly publications by weighted indicators calculating and measuring their engagement impact scores. 

Features and Indicators

Downloads Rate: Refers to rate of downloading the paper's full text and its uploaded contents in PDF or other portable formats.

Citations Rate: Refers to rate of citations in various citing databases and indexing sources which has the most value in calculating SPESI.

Sharing Rate: Refers to number of published work sharing in social and specified networks and channels. 

Recommending Rate: As the newest value added to SPESI indicators, it refers to counts of recommending the published work for further scholars' perusals and cites.