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Scholarly Metrics Solutions (SMS)

Highly Cited Half-Index Score (HIS) which refers to the number of cited papers those include at least 50% of all citations of a scholar has been introduced to lookup the highly cited papers in scholars publication profiles. Using this index score aims to appoint the number of highly cited papers in comparison with total citations records of scholars by direct indicating to their publications’ citing statistics. The methodology begins with sorting of citation counts of scholars (from the highest citation to the lowest one) and calculating sum of the sorted citation counts to exceed at least 50% of all of citations counts. Download the flyer here.

Given the importance of networking in scholarly works, Collaborative Citations Score (CCS) initiates an emerging key role to measuring the scholars worldwide collaborations with researchers in similar research backgrounds and expertise. As a numerical indicator which has assessed from zero to one, This metric shows the scholars' participation in their research coordination in collaboration with different affiliations and disseminating their research outputs:

Citation Impact Score (CIS), New vision to citations metrics for STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) publications has been announced. Using this simple analytical tool, scholarly publications could be followed by annual citation records and metrics continuously, starting from the third year of publishing. In the further using level, This metric indicator aims to support and help the researchers and scholars to sustaining their citation records: (n>=3)