Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

Scholarly Publications Ingested Data Clearance Authentication Mark (SPIDCAM) aims to act as a facilitator to show the current marked and cleared status of data ingestion in scholarly published works. By using "SPIDCAM", either authors or publishers are able to claim the data authenticity of their publications to check and record by readers. Regardless the routes of published works, Authenticity of ingested data and the analytical methodology of using the data could be checked, traced and recorded by authors and publishers. 

"SPIDCAM"will not host the papers full-texts and it will only present a platform to showing, classifying and remarking the data ingested materials in the scholarly publications by star badges. A link of the marked publication can be inserted into the published work in its original web page.

How "SPIDCAM" helps to remark the data clearance?

Using "SPIDCAM" is simple and informative! Ingested data clearances would be remarked and checked in three current status as:

Green Star: The mode shows that data has been claimed and cleared by author(s) or publisher without conflicts of approval with the other published works.  Furthermore, This shows that there is no claim or complicated note on the published work. 

Yellow Star: This mode shows that there are some current complications or conflicts with the ingested data and analytical methods in the published work, whereas they're not claimed, approved or confirmed yet by the authors, readers or editors. 

Red Star: This mode shows that the published work has used some complicated or suspicious data which may be claimed by the authors or complicated by a group of readers or editors. In some cases that the published work has been retracted due to analytical conflicts on its used data, The status will be the same.