Registered in United Kingdom
Registration Number: 11354986

Standardized Structure of Scientific Papers (SSSP) is a proposed layout for evaluating and ensuring the technical style and shape of scientific papers writing and presenting. "SSSP" entails five step-by-step modules to review the writing style of scientific papers before submitting to scholarly journals or conferences. Authors can use this interactive solution to ensure their papers meet the desired quality and style of scholarly writings. Furthermore, SSSP aims to provide solutions in order to develop the quality of writing or shaping the structure of scientific papers.

SSSP Modular Features

How does it work?

"SSSP" is a service on demand and authors are invited to send an inquiry to use it for their written scientific workings and papers before submitting them to scholarly journals or scientific events. Upon receiving a submission, quality check auditors check the contents and structure to investigate on strengths and weakness points. 

A technical report will be provided and sent to authors in 2-3 working days. This report includes some rational solutions and suggestions to improve the quality of writing or shaping the submitted work. Authors can re-submit their scientific works after revisions for double checking by quality auditors. If approved, a certified badge of quality assurance will be assigned accordingly.