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"Cambridge International Academics" aims to provide and enhance the opportunities of academic publishing to desired stakeholders of authors, editors, conference organizers and administrators. Various types of publishing productions allow the stakeholders to select the most proper target for their purposes and using the most efficient solution to be provided independently or jointly with our publishing providers and partners.

Throughout our publishing solutions, These services would be provided per case:

  • Primary proof-reading, editing and reformatting (No initial charges)
  • Soft-Edition publishing platforms in Open Access frames
  • ISSN and ISBN (demanded) assignments for all of released productions 
  • Extraction of highly visible and searchable metadata and information 
  • Abstracting/Indexing services for published editions, volumes and periodicals
  • Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) supplying for all of released contents 

Our publishing consultants are always eager to hear the potential projects opportunities and in terms of starting your publishing project with us, Just drop your notes and send us your expectations and brief description of your desired services to our publishing division. We will get back in a couple of working days as soon as receiving your message.

Cambridge International Academics has been appointed as one of Crossref Sponsoring Organizations in Europe to present its services for scholarly publications. Broad and diverse range of research discovering services by Crossref are available to present by our publishing division. To make inquiries for these services or assign a DOI prefix for your publications, Please get in touch with us

Optional Processing Charges makes more flexibility for global research disseminating through Open Access publications with selective processing/publishing charges by authors and contributing editors.

General Guidelines for Editors and Conferences Organizers

During internal evaluation of received or suggested proposals to Cambridge International Academics editions, These quality criteria points will be checked:

1: Originality

All of received contents for publishing through the series, chapter-based editions and conferences proceedings must be written well as original contents, without plagiarism and including declaration of “Conflicts of Interests” by authors. 

2: Internal Review

A peer review process is following by our publishing division and there will be no chance of publishing for proceedings or editions without a clear vision of statements through a peer review process. 

3: Scientific Concepts

Reviewers, Books and proceedings editors and authors shall declare and approve the scientific concepts of the submitted materials and manuscripts. The whole process of scientific concepts evaluation and confirmation should be handled by editions coordinators and Cambridge International Academics will not be involved in the process of confirming the scientific merits with the submissions. 

Open Access Publishing Framework for Journals