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"SynthesIndex" is a subscribing-based platform as new citation and collection database for the substances and chemical formulations of Chemical, Biological & Nano materials. The main target group of users and subscribers to this service are pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, R&D suppliers and producers. The project aims to collect, cite and disseminate more than 40,000 biological and chemical substances available in the formats of molecular formulations and industrial applications. 

How to use the benefits of "SynthesIndex"?

By subscribing to "SynthesIndex", You will gain the sustained benefits of access to the the source of information for emerging chemical, biological and Nano-materials formulations, updates, molecular substances, applications and laboratory formations as well as industrial providers.

Indexing Tags

Drugs and Pharmaceutics Information Metadata
Product Name
 Active Substance
 Substance Sorting Identification Number *
 Packaging/Production Form of Use
 Chemical Formation
 Dosages of Use
 Approval Agency
 Year of Approval
Approval Assigned Company 
 Approval Country
 Prohibited Cases

How to cite the pharmaceutics and drugs in "SynthesIndex"?

<Product Name>, <Substance Sorting Identification Number>, <Year of Approval>, <Approval Agency>, <Approval Assigned Company>, <Approval Country>

*) Substance Sorting Identification Number is an unique digit sequence of pharmaceutical and chemical formations in "SynthesIndex" database to lookup the exact production name of pharmaceutical or chemical formations directly.